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Getting your team's big ideas off the ground

'Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people.' - Steve Jobs

  • How often do people change the world by themselves? A great idea may begin as a spark of inspiration from a genius individual, but it takes a team to make it happen, and turn that idea into reality. Collaboration is the true key to success, so we've put together a collection of insights and ideas around encouraging teamwork and synergy — courtesy of Post-it® Brand.

  • Group dynamics

    Incredible ideas are often the result of relationships built on mutual trust and respect. You can help to encourage such collaboration and ideas by following these simple guidelines:

  • 1

    Ask your colleagues to discuss the strengths and opportunities they’re looking to build on.

  • 2

    Create a team charter. Identify your team’s goals/expectations and assign responsibilities based on strengths/areas of focus.

    • Create a team charter
    • Identify your team's goals


  • 3

    Strongly encourage counterpoints and differing points of view during meetings. Too much consensus can often be counterproductive.

  • 4

    Take time to celebrate. Whether you’ve had a brilliant lightbulb moment, or you're simply wrapping up for the day, make sure to come together and applaud the progress that you've all made together.

    Take time to celebrate


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