The power of handwriting

How a Post-it® Note can speak in more than just words

  • There’s a lot of talk about how handwriting is on its way out. With the ascendance of technology, beginning with the typewriter and extending all the way to smartphones, it’s not hard to see that we’re writing less than ever before. And it’s true that writing letters or long messages to each other may be a lost art, especially when it comes to communicating for business or over long distances.

  • But there’s one place where handwriting is alive and well, and that’s in the short messages you write to those closest to you. It’s hard to imagine a world where we won’t want to leave a note telling someone we’ll be home late, asking someone to let the dog out, or reminding someone that we love them. And without handwriting, in all its unique and imperfect beauty, how would we instantly know who that note was from? How would we feel the bond that ties us to the person who wrote it? How would we add a flourish that makes it joyful, or urgent or grateful?

  • Without handwriting, mums would be hard pressed to send a note in a child's lunch for good luck on a biology test. Teachers might not have a way to slip some encouragement under the elbow of a student who’s having a bad day. And lots of us wouldn’t be able to cheer ourselves on in the mirror every morning.

  • Our handwriting gives us the power to connect, whether it’s to someone we love, someone who needs our help or even with a part of ourselves that needs a little boost once in a while.

  • At Post-it® Brand, we’re proud to help keep the connections of handwriting alive and well – and we want to hear your stories about them. 


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