Simplifying your workspace with Post-it® Brand

Discover your best work by removing potential distractions.

  • Make do with fewer “check-ins”

    Make do with fewer “check-ins”

    We all love to be connected -- but constantly checking email can have a negative effect on productivity. Instead, check your email at even hours and use the "found" time to get things done.

  • Tackle the clutter

    Tackle the clutter

    According to, employees waste more than two hours a week finding, sharing and storing documents. Create an organisation system that reflects your work style, using Post-it® Index to label and colour-code the important things.

  • Treat yourself to silence

    Treat yourself to silence

    Let's face it: email and chat technologies can really hamper your focus. Use a Post-it® Note to remind yourself to turn them off from time-to-time to give yourself a more focused approach.


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