My Brainstorming Assistant

My Brainstorming Assistant

Your very own bright idea generator!

What can you do with it?

Everyone has ideas. Some are better than others, and some are outright crazy. But even crazy ideas can jolt others into seeing things differently. Once the creative ball gets rolling, whole new trains of thought can be sparked into being, and that is how great ideas begin.

See how great it is!

See how great it is!

Discover how to enhance your meetings.

Create your own success

Be the ideas guru!

  • In just an hour and a half get:

    - Wave after wave of brilliant ideas
    - Project approval and a pat on the back from the boss
    - Requests for more brainstorming from colleagues
    - The satisfaction of knowing your brainstorming is delivering results

    With only:

    - Post-it® Super Sticky Meeting Charts, plain white, 30 sheets, 2 pads
    - Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, large size 152 x 101 mm, plain paper, 4 pads
    - Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, large size 101 x 101 mm, lined, 6 pads

Rock out with the how-to leaflet

It’s time to liberate your creativity, with awesome tips for finding great ideas.

Keep on being awesome

Post-it® Brand has other Genius Packs that can help you make everything amazingly SUCCESSFUL.

  • Everything you need to turn any group into a team.

  • Mastering your day is fun, and makes you more productive!

  • The easy way to fix your problems, big or small!

Just one little click can change your world!



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