My Clutter Killer

My Clutter Killer

The key to organisation is simplification!

What can you do with it?

Be everyone's favourite colleague by turning messy piles of files into neatly labelled, easy-to-find folders, and organising multiple agendas and to-do lists without scribbling or erasing. Simplify your life, and everyone else's.

Create your own success

Create your own success

Be your organisation’s go-to-organiser!

  • What you'll get

    - The great feeling of being a solution hero
    - Loads of 'Oh thanks, that’s clever!' comments
    - Copycat colleagues 'borrowing' your ideas
    - More time to get stuff done by being more organised

    With only:

    - Post-it® Index Medium, Yellow, 2x50 per pack
    - Post-it® Index Medium, Red, 2x50 per pack
    - Post-it® Index Strong Filling tab, assorted colours 4x6 per pack
    - Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, Rio Colour Collection, 76 x 76mm, 6 pads
    - Post-it® Label Roll, White, 25.4 mm x 17.7 mm

Rock out with the how-to leaflet

It’s time to simplify your workplace! Ready?

Keep on being awesome

Post-it® Brand has other Genius Packs that can help you make everything amazingly SIMPLE.

  • Never let 'I don’t get it' get in your way again!

  • Mastering your day is fun, and makes you more productive!

  • Your very own bright idea generator!

Just one little click can change your world!



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