My New Solution Finder

My New Solution Finder

The easy way to fix your problems, big or small!


You've got plenty of ideas, but they all seem to have a catch. They’re puzzles, and until you solve them, you’re stuck. See things in a new way by shining the light of simplicity on what might appear to be a complex problem. That’s the magic of Post-it® Brand solutions.

See how useful it is!

See how useful it is!

Make problem-solving fun again!

Create your success

Create your success

Become the legendary office problem-solver.

  • In about half an hour:

    - Solve issues left, right and centre
    - Be able to say 'No problem!' and be able to prove it
    - Feel smug hearing colleagues say 'Why didn’t I think of that?'

    With only:

    - Post-it® Super Sticky Label Roll, Yellow, 25,4 mm x 10,1 mm
    - Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, large size 203 x 152 mm, plain paper, 4 pads
    - Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, Bora Bora Colour Collection 76 x 76mm, 6 pads

Rock out with the how-to leaflet

It’s time to find some brilliant solutions!

Keep on being awesome

Post-it® Brand has other Genius Packs that can help you make everything amazingly BRILLIANT.

  • Never let 'I don’t get it' get in your way again!

  • Mastering your day is fun, and makes you more productive!

  • The perfect way to help plan new projects!

Just one little click can change your world!



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